Servant Leader

  • Textbook: Leading and Managing in Nursing
  • Essay: “Five Necessary Attitudes of a Servant Leader”
  • Website: Laub Servant Organizational Model
  • Optional Reading: “Servant Leadership: A Model for Emerging Nurse Leaders” authored by Fahlberg and Toomey (2016).


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. In the textbook, Leading and Managing in Nursing, read:
    1. Chapter 3, section “Professional nursing practice: Ethics”
    2. Chapter 28, “Developing the role of the leader”
  3. Read “Five Necessary Attitudes of a Servant Leader.”
  4. Review James Laub’s model for servant leadership by going to the following website: Organizational Leadership Assessment.
  5. Optional: Read the article, “Servant Leadership: A Model for Emerging Nurse Leaders.” You must request this resource directly from OCLS. OCLS will email the resource to your IWU email within two (2) business days (not including weekends and holidays). Fill out the OCLS Request Form to request this resource.
  6. Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
    1. Discuss the similarities and differences between transformational leadership and servant leadership.
    2. What ethical characteristics do healthcare servant leaders display and how do their values influence decisions?  Include at least one ethical principle in your discussion.
    3. Choose ONE of the five attitudes discussed in the Boone and Makhani article, “Five Necessary Attitudes of a Servant Leader.” Discuss why you believe the attitude is important for a leader in a healthcare setting and share an example of how it may be demonstrated.
    4. Evaluate an organization that you are familiar with, using Laub’s six key elements of a servant organization. Without sharing the name of the organization, describe how it does and does not reflect the characteristics featured in this model.
  7. Find at least two current scholarly sources to support your explanations and insights. OCLS resources are preferred sources and can be accessed through IWU Resources. Wikipedia is not permitted, as it is not a peer-reviewed, scholarly source.
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