PSAD 410 Assignment 2

This is a continuation of the Assignment number 1 I have attached the first assignment

PSAD 410

Assignment 2


Directions: For this assignment do the following:


  1. Refer back to Assignment 1, create a new document and start creating a flowing prose paper.  The format must be at least one separate paragraph with paragraph headings for each of the following topics:
    1. Introduction (this will be an expansion of number 1 from assignment 1)
    2. Your detailed research question that you will use for assignment #3 (you may use this opportunity to fine-tune your question with the feedback from assignment #1)
    3. A newly composed literature review using a minimum of four academic peer reviewed journal articles concerning the topic chosen for assignment #1 (each article may be a separate paragraph).
    4. Conclusion (this should be a conclusion based off the literature that you presented, not a projection of the expected results of your research proposal to be created in assignment #3)


Format Requirements:

  • For the literature review, be sure to look at the resources in week 2 and the many resources through the UMGC library
  • Four academic peer reviewed journal articles must be used and cited both in text and in a reference page
  • Paper shall be written in flowing prose
  • APA format must be used (this includes a cover page and a reference page)
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