Basic concept and system disorder assignment.

   Basic concept and system disorder assignment. This a research which is not in a form of essay but templates detailing all the areas that need to be worked on. Cite source in APA format. Four pages including title page and reference. An example: Basic concept is mobility and system disorder will be fractured hip. Renal failure basic concept and systems disorder. 1.Complete the three areas of the basic concept template describing this concept in detail. Under basic concept talk about the related content (delegation, levels of prevention, advanced directives) underlying principles and nursing intervention (who, when, how why). Complete an analysis reviewing how the selected concept and systems disorder is related. 2.Complete all areas of the systems disorder template. Talk about alterations in health (diagnosis), Pathophysiology relating to the patient, health promotion and disease prevention. Assessment: risk factors, expected findings, lab test, safety consideration and diagnostic procedures. Patient centered care: nursing care, medication, patient education, complications, therapeutic procedures, interprofessional care.

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