For this assignment, you will examine and articulate the different leadership styles, and identify which styles you use and/or would like to use as you develop your leadership skills and knowledge. To do this you will read the assigned class readings, use online tools, as well as doing your own independent research, and review your own leadership experience.  You may also solicit the input of friends and family.  

This task is designed to help you identify leadership styles and develop your own leadership stylebased upon your goals, beliefs and personality traits as well as what you learn from studying leadership.

Your paper should contain the following elements:

1. Discuss the styles of leadership most commonly associated with public safety. Summarize the characteristics of each.

2. Describe the style or styles identified by the results of the personality and leadership assessments.

3. Explain why these styles apply to public safety leadership in the realm of public safety that you select: law enforcement, fire services, emergency management, etc. Provide examples of their application.

4. Explain which styles would be more beneficial for a public safety leader and how these styles will make you a better public safety leader.

Your finished paper will be at least three (3) pages (not including the cover page or reference page, and attachments) and formatted in accordance with APA (7th edition) format. The paper should have no less than three (3) cited academic or professional references (in addition to any course materials cited), formatted in accordance with APA 7th Edition requirements.

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