Please go to the following web address:  https://adfs.rasmussen.edu/adfs/ls?wa=wsignin1.0&wtrealm=urn%3aextranet%3aportal&wctx=https%3a%2f%2fportal.rasmussen.edu%2f_layouts%2f15%2fAuthenticate.aspx%3fSource%3d%252F&wreply=https%3a%2f%2fportal.rasmussen.edu%2f_trust%2fdefault.aspx  Please sign in with the following information:  Username: mikayla.schumacher@smail.rasmussen.edu  Password: Addie!0823  Click on Courses on the top, and then click on Section 01 Pathophysiology, click on Module 4, then assignments. Complete Module 04 Assignment – Case Study.  *****DO NOT SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT, I WILL DOUBLE CHECK WORK YOUR WORK AND SUBMIT IT MYSELF

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