Falls & Fall Risk Reduction and Promoting Safety. Question(s): Mention and discuss Fall Risk Assessment Instruments (at least 3).  Also, mention signs and symptoms of traumatic brain Injury in older adults (mention at least 5). Guidelines: APA format, The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, no just your opinion.  Chapter 15 –  Falls & Fall Risk Reduction. Chapter 16 –  Promoting Safety. Textbook: Ebersole and Hess’ Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging 5th Author: Theris A. Touhy; Kathleen F. Jett Edition: 5th, Fifth, 5e Year: 2017  ISBN 13: 9780323401678 (978-0-323-40167-8) ISBN: 0323401678 (0-323-40167-8)

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