1.Create a concept map of an ethical decision and consequences using the free website https://bubbl.us/ Place the dilemma in the middle “bubble” and one extension “bubble” for each possible outcome at least 2. From each outcome bubble, map the effects of the decision.  Example map: https://bubbl.us/NDIzNjQ4My84Mjk0MjA3LzYzNDJkNWVjYjkwMDExNDUwMTM1YzNjZjQ0MzQzYTgy-X?utm_source=shared-link&utm_medium=link&s=8294207 The example is also attached in the event that the link above doesn’t open. 2. What role does Cultural diversity play in Patient Safety? Requirements for this post: Word count: 300 minimum – 500 maximum APA format, plagiarism-free. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE IT TURNITIN.

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