Week 7 Competency Assignment:  Benchmarking CAHIIM Competencies Assessed:  Subdomain VI.F Strategic and Organizational Management  Implement a departmental strategic plan i.e. benchmarking  (Blooms 3) Instructions:  Read the article provided: (attached) Hughes, Gwen. “Using Benchmarking for Performance Improvement (AHIMA Practice Brief).” Journal of AHIMA 74, no.2 (2003): 64A-D. Assume you are a hospital HIM Manager and you need to work toward part of the new strategic plan that indicates that your department will use benchmarking to improve coding production. Based on the concepts of successful benchmarking described in the article, describe how you will embrace, adopt, and implement benchmarking for your coding production.  You may complete this assignment in a list or table type of format (rather than a research paper format) as long as you include thorough information and description of the steps you plan to take You completed assignment should be 1-2 pages, not including the cover sheet and reference page.

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