Instruction THIS IS A GROUP ASSIGNMENT SO I AM GOING TO NEED TO COLLABORATE 2 PAGES IN THE PAPER. DOES NOT NEED AN INTRO OR CONCLUSION. JUST IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCE AND THE 2 PAGES NEEDS TO BE “IDENTIFYING CURRENT PUBLICATIONS” ON A RECENT ARTICLE ABOUT “ELDERLY POLYPHARMACY”. THIS IS THE INSTRUCTIONS: Identify current publications concerning the issue being analyzed – literature review 30% In this section the team must demonstrate analysis and synthesis of the extant literature. The review should include information published in refereed journals, authoritative websites, government and other publications. References should be current and reflective of contemporary thought with regard to the selected issue. ALSO, THE POWERPOINT IS ALSO GROUP ASSIGNMENT SO PLEASE MAKE 2-3 SINGLE SLIDES REFERRING TO (ELDERLY POLYPHARMACY) AND TO “IDENTIFY CURRENT PUBLICATIONS AS WELL” NO INTRO OR CONLUCION NEEDED FOR THE SLIDES EITHER JUST 2 SLIDES IDENTIFYING CURRENT PUBLICATIONS ON ELDERLY POLYPHARMACY LIKE THE 2 PAGE PAPER AS WELL

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