Reflect upon the selected practice problem in Weeks 1 and 2 to address the following. (My practice problem was Obesity in USA in the week 1 and Obesity in Florida in the week 2 1-Which translation model provides a framework for practice change? 2-What is the value of an interprofessional team to address this practice problem? 3-In influencing improvement outcomes to address this problem, what strategies can you implement to inspire others to embrace change? Please answer each questions separated and use at least 3 sources no later than 5 years. You can use this sources: Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2020). NR-701 Week 8: Role of the DNP Scholar: Leading Change in Translation [Online lesson]. Downers Grove, IL: Adtalem Dang, D., & Dearholt, S. (2018). Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and guidelines. Sigma Theta Tau International.  White, K. M., Dudley-Brown, S., & Terhaar, M. F. (2016). Translation of evidence into nursing and health care (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. 

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