SCI260 – Introduction to Biochemistry Lesson #9 (1) Which of the double-stranded DNA sequences below will require more heat to separate the two strands (select Option A or Option B)? (2) Why is more heat is required to separate the strands? Option A 5’-GGACTCCCGGGTGAG-3’ 3’-CCTGAGGGCCCACTC-5’ Option B 5’-AACTGTTTAAAGACA-3’ 3’-TTGACAAATTTCTGT-5’ (3) What will be the mRNA sequence that is produced during the transcription of the DNA sequence below? Hint: As we discussed in class, there is a slight difference in the nucleotides used in DNA vs RNA. 5’-ACGTCAGGTTTCCGT-3’ (4) Based on what was discussed in Lecture 9, name four (4) enzymes/proteins that play a role in human DNA replication, and briefly describe the specific role each plays during human DNA replication. You may use the internet and/or your textbook to assist you. Each answer is worth 25 points (be sure to answer ALL four questions) giving you a maximum total of 100 points for this assignment. Please DO NOT copy your answers directly from the textbook or the internet. 

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