1. Identifying key stakeholders that can affect or will be affected as a result of your evidence-based project recommendations. Please refer to linked Appendix C: (My Evidence Base Project will be about the continuous use of steroids injections such as Kenalog and dexamethasone for the management of acute or chronic pain management in the elderly populations.  https://ichs.ethinksites.com/pluginfile.php/43386/mod_forum/intro/2017_Appendix%20C_Stakeholder%20Analysis.docx 2. After identifying and completing the stakeholder worksheet, find a database such as Google Scholar or the database of your choice to conduct a preliminary search of evidence-based articles related to your topic. Choose one relevant article and identify the level and quality by using linked Appendix D: https://ichs.ethinksites.com/pluginfile.php/43386/mod_forum/intro/2017_Appendix_D_Evidence%20Level%20and%20Quality%20Guide.docx · Reequipment APA format. · Articles within the last past 5 years. · Plagiarism free · Attached copy of the article being used.

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