HA4070D – Regulatory Environment in Health Care  Discussion 03: Universal Health Care   The United States is the only industrialized nation not offering government-sponsored universal health care. Consider the following questions in a discussion or add a few of your own: .What legal and economic precedents continue this trend? .Would universal health care be detrimental to the US economy? .Would citizens be better or worse off? .Would you consider “Universal Health Care” a liberal, socialist idea? OR .Would you see preventing universal health care a conservative political response? .What is universal health care? .Is there any way it could work? .Should the U.S. just let the free market do its thing to control prices, accessibility, etc? Base your discussion on material from the text and your own experience. Cite sources when necessary. Remember to write 150 words in complete sentences. The Law of Health Care  Finance & Regulation–Vitalsource Bookself-username-crtshhill49@yahoo.com-Password-#magicMAN61

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