Instruction Answer each question accordingly and provide details and examples. Cite 2 journal article sources in APA 7th edition format. I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY COPIED WORK FROM THE INTERNET QUESTION Think of a leader who espoused one message and then acted in a different manner. There are many examples of internationally or nationally recognized leaders who have lost their followers because of their actions being inconsistent with personally stated convictions. An example might be a world-class athlete and advocate for healthy lifestyles who is found to be using steroids to enhance physical performance. Or it might be political figure who preaches morality and becomes involved in an extramarital affair or a religious leader who promotes celibacy and then becomes involved in a sex scandal. How did it affect the leader’s ability to be an effective leader?  How did it change how you felt about that leader? – Personalize it Do you feel that leaders who have lost their “authenticity” can ever regain the trust of their followers? 

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