HA4110D – Healthcare Planning and Evaluation Assignment 10: Strategic Fit Outline Directions .READ Chapters 25 and 26. .REVIEW PowerPoints chapters 25 and 26. .COMPLETE Exercise in chapter 25. .Using the completed exercises throughout the course, create an outline to follow for your final project paper. There should be seven areas to address: 1.Organizational Information 2.Corporate Mission 3.Research and competitive analysis 4.Broad analysis 5-forces .PEST .Benchmark .SWOT-Generic .EFE .Financial statement McKinsey 7 or BCG 6.Generic Strategies .Ansoff .TOWs 7.Strategic Fit Results Provide a least two paragraphs for each numerical heading and subheading. Provide a reference page as your final page and a minimum of 7 references written accorsing to APA standards. All references must be complete and no URLs provided alone or the reference will be unacceptable. Strategic Analysis for Healthcare: Concepts and Practical Applications–Vitalsource Bookself-username-crtshhill49@yahoo.com-Password-#magicMAN61

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