i need to make (A DRAFT METHODS OF RESEARCH ) about SICKLE CELL ANEMIA . The draft include ( methods of research that will be used in research ), material and methods. 1- research design  2-reasearch setting . 3- research subjects and sampling : study sample , sample use , tools of data collection * validity and reliability  * pilot study  * data collection process  *ethical considerations and human right  *statistical analysis  *result  *discussion  *conclusion and recommendation  *reference   * fill the management table .  Topic: sickle cell anemia  Research problem: sickle cell diseases  what are the relationship between environmental effecter and Sickle cell patient ? Aims and impact of the study :-  For compare the cases in winter and other season  For compare the result of sickle cell patient . for avoid to spread sickle cell disease in eastern of Saudi Arabia(Alahssa ).  For awareness sickle cell patient (community culture ) about whether effector.  finally the study will be in  King fahad hospital .    

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