Reflect upon the selected national practice problem in Week 1(OBESITY) to address the following. You have to develop this national problem but in the Local Practice (Florida). I selected for the first week OBESITY and I attached the week 1 the Discussion Board that you have one example to develop this week. Remember you have to answer these questions below for OBESITY but in Florida where I live. 1-From a local perspective, how does the practice problem impact nurses, nursing care, healthcare organizations, and the quality of care being provided? 2-Identify the local key stakeholders related to the selected practice problem. 3-Describe one approach used at your unique setting to address this problem. From your perspective, is this intervention effective in addressing the problem? Why or why not? If this practice problem is not addressed at your workplace, propose an intervention that could be implemented on a local scale to address the problem.    Please answer these questions separated and use at least 3 sources no later than 5 years.

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