1. Read the information about the case study with the chart materials provided or gather the necessary information from one of your patients. 2.Review the patient assessment information. What other assessments might you do in addition to those provided? What findings would you anticipate with this patient? Develop a care plan (use the template provided) based on the highest priority problem (1 nursing diagnosis, 2 goals, 3 interventions for each goal, 2 rationales for each intervention and evaluation for each goal). Complete an in-depth analysis reflecting your ability to prepare a case study based on principles derived from pharmacology, pathophysiology, psychology, nutrition, and evidence-based nursing practice guidelines. Remember to include an introduction to the patient, pathophysiology, history, nursing assessment (given and any additional), and related treatments. 3.Include selected references for your case study paper/care plan and use APA format. 4. A specific grading rubric and template are attached. The care plan should also be completed.

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