you will be looking for articles that look at the cultural and ethical perspective of your topic as a public health issue. Your articles should discuss why your disparity exists (culture) and reasons it needs to be addressed (ethics). The papers you use in this assignment must also be scholarly peer reviewed articles. If you did not watch the videos for the scientific perspective search and evaluation assignment or need to review the information, they are still in week two announcements. There are some good tips on how to find your articles quickly and correctly format them for the reference page  PLEASE FOLLOW TEMPLATE THAT’S ATTACHED   Origin of Injustice: increase in   Background: child abuse/neglect Causes: anxiety disorder Cause: depression Cause: Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  Money power and control: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Legislation: Stronger child abuse prevention and treatment act Culture: Child abuse/neglected affected within certain races. Ethical Obligation: to be an advocates for those in need

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