I need these questions answered in about 150 words each NURSING QUESTIONS 1. You will discuss your project with multiple stakeholders and will communicate with your findings to the project site. What measures will you take to ensure that discussions verbally or otherwise safeguard patient privacy? 2. One method to investigate gene-environment interactions is to study monozygotic twins. Identify an example of a twin study not listed in the textbook used to examine the gene-environment interaction of a specific disease or condition. Briefly summarize the gene-environment interaction investigated, the methods, and the results. What are other possible methods for studying gene-environment interactions as they relate to improving population health? Epigenetics 3. A relatively new field of study is epigenetics. What are the underlying principles? How can it be linked to health and disease?  STATISTICS QUESTIONS Give a definition for the term(s) for the following: Give an example of its use in applied research. · Post hoc test. · Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

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