Instructions Please answer all questions associated with the case study as thoroughly as you can. Please use at least 2 references when responding to the Case Study unless otherwise noted. There is no particular length requirement as long as you answer the questions thoroughly and use a reference(s) to support your responses. Use the most current APA edition when writing and referencing. Please proofread your papers. Nurse Millie Adams is a nursing administrator at Good Care Hospital, a facility that serves as an educational training hospital. Nurse Adams has noticed several trends recently: nurse turnover has been higher than usual; sick leave has increased; student nurses frequently request transfers to other facilities. In searching for answers, she hears a lot of talk about nurses being threatened or verbally confronted. What are the problems and possible explanations for these problems? What are the potential sources for these problems? What information does Nurse Adams need, and how should she gather this information? What could be done to resolve the problems?

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