· Conduct bench marking research to identify best practices to improve both the clinical and nonclinical practices of the organization. · Analyze the customer service and satisfaction drivers present in this case study and apply those drivers to the customer facet of the balanced scorecard. · Consider the costs and revenue implications in the case study and apply those considerations to the financial facet of the balanced scorecard. · Determine how to assess the organizational success, timeliness, effectiveness, and efficiency of services after the change was implemented. · Describe measures will you use to make this assessment and provide your rationale for selecting these measures. · Once you have completed the steps outlined above, use the material you have gathered, along with the feedback you received from your previous project assignments in Units 5 and 7 to prepare a 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the actions you believe Ellen Zane must take in order to lead Tufts Hospital to the next level of sustainability in a highly competitive health care marketplace.

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