You are a nurse in charge of community health education in the public health department of your city. There an outbreak of a communicable/infectious disease in your area where 200 people are infected and two are in the hospital in critical condition. You need to present an education section regarding the disease to a group of people working in the emergency management program of city.  Using the communicable/infectious disease topic that you choose in your week 5 assignment please develop an educational training PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must include the following; 1. Objectives of the presentation 2. Epidemiological data relate to the condition 3. Levels of prevention and interventions 4. Involvement and role of the public/community health professionals 5. Impact of the condition in the community 6. Plan of action 7. Conclusion Minimum of 15 slides are required. You must follow APA guidelines and use at least 4 evidence-based references. Due date: Sunday, February 23, 2020, @ 11:59 P.M. in the discussion tab of the blackboard and in the SafeAssign exercise.

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