A nursing school initiates a mentoring program whereby all undergraduate student meet in assigned groups with a faculty mentor each semester in their program. This mechanism is a way to provide students with the following: v faculty mentor support for students. v provide students and future nurses with a sense of empowerment and support. v a channel to express themselves in a safe environment, without fear of reprisal. v It is also a means by which the values of the profession can be transmitted. This mechanism provides students with a forum of trust and respect for expressing their feelings and preserving their dignity.   However, one group of junior students is experiencing distress. Their mentor, a senior faculty member and department chairperson, has an outside business and asks for “volunteers” to work in his “community health center”, predominately funded by federal grants, where they are expected to do unsupervised well-child health assessments.   The students feel inadequate to the task, but the faculty persons states that this is “related clinical experience that is supervised.” In addition, one of the students found the grant proposal on the internet and discovered that it contains provisions in the budget for registered nurse to conduct these assessments. This is a powerful member; other faculty members refuse to discuss this with the students. What ought the students do?   question  write the conflict of interest back with provisions and ANA codes not more than 3 slides. and with a picture.

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