Choose a research article from a nursing/nutritional journal that explores the issue of strategies to improve health related outcomes regarding obesity/malnutrition in our society today. Below are a few suggestions you might consider.  This can include: 1. What are barriers to a healthy nutritional status? 2. Rates of obesity/malnutrition in Virginia. 3. Why do people have difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? 4. What impact can nurses have effecting changes in the health care system?  5. Does preventive care make a difference? Follow the posted rubric specific to this assignment.     ARTICLE REVIEW I.  Organization & Structure: 55 Points a.  Paragraphs are coherent and transition smoothly. (20 Pts) b.  Structure of article review includes an introduction, research, reflection and conclusion (35 Pts) II. Article Assessment: 15 Points a. Article review is no more than 2 pages excluding the cover, reference page. (5 Pts) b. Article is researched regarding the issue of health care delivery, outcomes and vulnerable populations.  (10 Pts) III. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 20 Points a. Article review has no more than 3 errors in grammar, punctuation and or spelling (10 Pts)  b. Clear statements, well organized, smooth transitions and sequencing (10 Pts) IV. APA Formatting & References: 20 Points a. APA format, citing, title page, references if used other than article, page numbers (5 Pts) b. Selections not older than 5 years (5 Pts) c. Must be a research/journal article  (10 Pts)

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