Follow these guidelines for APA. This is maternity note ,please adapt to advance primary care References in APA have to be within a 5-year range. Make sure you include Psych History as well and also Genitourinary system.   Semester: SpringCourse:MSN5700C Advanced Practice in Primary Care IPreceptor:ARENCIBIA, ALEXEISClinical Site:AMERICAN CARE (SOUTH TAMPA)Setting Type: Patient Demographics Age: 74 years Race: Black or African American Gender: Male Insurance: Medicare Referral: Nutritionist Clinical Information Time with Patient: 40 minutes Consult with Preceptor: 15 minutesType of Decision-Making:Moderate complexityReason for Visit:Follow-up (Routine)Chief Complaint:HTN follow upType of HP:ComprehensiveSocial Problems Addressed:Emotional Prevention Nutrition/Exercise Substance Abuse   Procedures/Skills (Observed/Assisted/Performed) Physical Assessment – Physical Assessment (Perf) General Skills – EKG (Perf) General Skills – Vital Signs (Perf) ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes#1 – I10 – ESSENTIAL (PRIMARY) HYPERTENSION#2 – E66.9 – OBESITY, UNSPECIF Medications # OTC Drugs taken regularly: 1# Prescriptions currently prescribed:2# New/Refilled Prescriptions This Visit:1Types of New/Refilled Prescriptions This Visit: Cardiology – Antilipids Cardiology – Calcium channel blockers Adherence Issues with Medications: Caretaker failure Financial concerns Forgetfulness   Other Questions About This Case Patient’s Primary Language:EnglishSmoking Assessment:HistoryAdvanced Directive:Yes, on file Packs per day:

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