Many laws, policies, and initiatives in public health are developed to try to create more equity in access to healthcare or to decrease the disparities that some people experience. It is difficult to determine when one population has received sufficient attention and another population should replace them at the forefront of advocacy and/or attention. Did you know that today we have more parents to care for than children? Eldercare has replaced childcare as a leading healthcare issue. For this assignment, do the following: Choose and view ONE 30-minute video in the And Thou Shalt Honor series from the list below. And Thou Shalt Honor: Beloved Strangers And Thou Shalt Honor: The Green House Project And Thou Shalt Honor: Caring for the Caregiver And Thou Shalt Honor: Spiritual Caregiving And Thou Shalt Honor: Separated by Time and Distance And Thou Shalt Honor: The Aging Game And Thou Shalt Honor: Voices from the Trenches And Thou Shalt Honor: In Sickness and In Health And Thou Shalt Honor: Getting Around – Alternatives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive Develop a policy related to the public health of the elderly in the United States. Compare the strategies used in the United States to address our increasing elderly population with that of another Country of your choosing. Critique some of the public health policies that have been developed in that country and how are they are working. You assignment should be a 2-3 page assessment (not including the cover or reference page) that utilizes proper APA format and includes at least 3 scholarly resources.

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