The purpose of this reflection paper is to review our past content.  With our ever-changing society, healthcare and nursing are constantly evolving.  Evidence-based practice provides critically-appraised and scientifically proven evidence that will improve quality patient care, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs (Majid et al., 2011).  Nurses are in the perfect position for this transformational change to promote optimal patient outcomes in practice.  ADDRESS ALL QUESTIONS WITHOUT LEAVING ANY POINT OUT 1. Using any past textbooks and readings, as well as at least one peer-reviewed professional article, please reflect on the present state of nursing education and where you see research is needed to promote optimal nursing practice. Why is this research important to you? How is it transformative? Provide detail explanation and examples. Personalize where it needs. 2.  As a nursing professional, how can you also get involved in clinical research? Where would you start? With whom can you network in order to get involved? Provide detailed explanations and examples. Personalize where it needs to and provide detailed explanation. 3.  Give at least two examples of active-learning, evidence-based practice strategies that you could provide in nursing. How can these strategies transform nursing practice? Provide detailed examples.  apply at least one peer-reviewed professional article  from the field of nursing to your reflection. Include A title page and reference list in APA formatting,      7th edition are expected. DO NOT PLAGARIZE

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