Hi group, I worked on the bullet point for key results of the sample and if p-values were noted. The key results for the study: Significant Results of sample According to the results, a total 134 participants completed the study 92 males and 42 females. The average age of the participants were 61 years old. Based on the sample, 54 percent of the participants were veterans, 16 percent were military personnel and 30 percent were dependents. No civilians  There were no significant differences except for the age and the participants lost during the study. The younger population ranging 18-29 had the highest attrition rate with 48 percent compared to the participants 65 and older had an attrition rate of 15 percent Based on the pre-test and post-test control group design, the control group participants were hospitalized for an average of 15 days for pretest and 23 days for post-test. The intervention group was hospitalized for an average of 14 days for pretest and 10 days for post-test.- Wilcoxon signed rank test compared the pre-test and post test scores. Results: PTSD severity: no p-values, logistic regression and X2 was used. There was a significant difference between control and experimental group and PTSD symptoms based on using the IES-R cutoff of 24. Avoidance= X2: 28.05 Intrusion X2: 38.83 Hyperarousal X2: 14.17 PTSD severity: X2: 28.29 Group differences: after further analysis were significant X2 of 23.26 Clinical concern for PTSD in 35 total participants 5 : diary intervention group 30: control group I NEEED JUST FEW LINES OF REPONSE TO THIS POST

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