This assignment has 2 parts.  First part Write a 3-4 page essay that discuss how the variety of spiritual expressions found in the African American Diaspora have evolved over the years. Address one of the themes below and paste your response in the assignment submission box, but also include the document file as an attachment by the date listed above.   How did the prayers and remedies formulated by Marie Laveau incorporate elements of Spiritualism, Catholicism, and Voodoo? What types of spiritual practices evolved from the syncretism of African and European religious expressions in the Cuba, Brazil, and Haiti? How is food used to unite spiritual congregations in African-American communities?   Second Part. Write short answers, [3-5 sentences] for each of the questions below. Each answer is worth 25 points toward a maximum score of 125 points. A well-written short answer should identify significant themes addressed in each lesson. Paste your responses in the assignment submission box by the date listed above, but also attach a document file for security and formatting purposes.   How were African religious traditions sustained in Afro-Cuban religious practices? What kinds of items are typically used to decorate Caribbean Spiritualist altars? In what ways are Santeria and Spiritualist altars comparable to works of art? How were African religious practices reflected in the types of religious expressions found in New Orleans churches? How do African American churches make use of communal theatricality to create unique expressions of Christian faith and devotion?  

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