1. Identifying key stakeholders that can affect or will be affected as a result of your evidence-based project recommendations. Please refer to linked Appendix C: (My Evidence Base Project will be about Indwelling urinary catheter during hospitalization that causes infection/Foley catheters significantly raise the risk of infection specifically catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) https://ichs.ethinksites.com/pluginfile.php/43386/mod_forum/intro/2017_Appendix%20C_Stakeholder%20Analysis.docx 2. After identifying and completing the stakeholder worksheet, find a database such as Google Scholar or the database of your choice to conduct a preliminary search of evidence-based articles related to your topic. Choose one relevant article and identify the level and quality by using linked Appendix D:   https://ichs.ethinksites.com/pluginfile.php/43386/mod_forum/intro/2017_Appendix_D_Evidence%20Level%20and%20Quality%20Guide.docx · Reequipment APA format. · Articles within the last past 5 years. · Plagiarism receipt. · Attached copy of the article being used for this post.

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