1. 200 words– Elaborate on the mental illness of schizophrenia. State how this disease related to the book and The Hate You Give and the assigned character Starr.  2. 150 words– What is the epidemiology of this disease? Speak on the population distribution, health determinants, risk factors, and specific population that is impacted.  3. 150 words–What is the prevalence rate of the disease within the US?  4. 150 words–What is the etiology of the disease?  5. 200 words–What pharmacological treatments are available for this disease? Provide specific instructions for the patient and provider for this medication. Is there a risk associated with each medication?  6. 150 words– What adverse effects are associated with each individual medication?  7. 150 words– What nonpharmacological treatment options are available?  8. 150 words– What primary secondary and tertiary prevention are available for patients who diagnosed with schizophrenia?  9. 200 words– Locate a research article pertaining to bipolar disorder as it pertains to public and community health nursing summarize this article in 200 words or more.  10. 200 words—Locate a research article pertaining to schizophrenia disorder as it pertains to the medias perception of this disease, what role do community and public health nurses play in minimizing the negative stigma surrounding this mental illness, provide examples?  Please respond to the questions in APA 7th format. The attached textbook MUST be used to formulate a response. In addition to the textbook please include 5 scholarly articles. Each section Must have subheadings. 

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